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Indonesia - Sinar Mas Land To Build Offices On Jakarta's Fringe

September 25, 2012

The developer said it is acting on predictions of high demand for suburban offices as well as projected price increases in the CBD.

With price increases expected for office properties in the Jakarta CBD, as well as growing demand for suburban offices, commercial property developers are turning their attention towards the Jakarta fringe.

Sinar Mas Land Bhd has announced that it would be investing in the development of business buildings in areas around Jakarta to cater to growing demand. The firm also said that towards the end of the year, it would build office buildings within the BSD Green Office Park.

CEO of Asset Management Sinar Mas Land Teky Mailoa said that moving forward, its projects will focus on energy efficient and green buildings.

Sinar Mas' new office properties will be limited to five stories in height. They will also be equipped with water and waste management facilities to realise the concept of a "green business district."

In addition, all buildings will also be aligned in a north-to-south direction to reduce heat from the Sun, while utilising natural ventilation and lighting. They will also feature a green roof.

Teky added that by incorporating these features, the buildings not only benefit the environment but also the people working inside them. For example, allowing fresh air from the outside can help create a healthier environment to enhance employee productivity, thus improving the company's performance.

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